Commanding a global stage

World-class production, world-wide coverage

Filmatography is an award-winning production company delivering world-class commissioned cinema and photography, inspired by a collective desire to deliver the extraordinary.

13 years in the making, innovation is a core ethos at Filmatography, utilising the latest in technology and uniquely developed techniques to constantly push the boundaries of excellence and creativity. Since its beginnings in 2003, Filmatography has been committed to an eternal quest of enhancing its products and services to the highest luxury standards. Continual re-invention, discovery and change is embraced rather than feared as ardent creatives, holding strong the ambition to deliver the very best and never stand still in development.

Hand picked by some of the world’s leading luxury brands including Aston Martin, Boucheron, Bvlgari, Davidoff, Gucci, Harrods, Lamborghini, Ralph & Russo and many more, Filmatography delivers unprecedented quality in both film and photography. With each team working in perfect harmony on every shoot, the highest level of production is achieved through combined service delivery.

Operating across the Middle East, The Americas, Europe and the Far East, Filmatography is a truly international company. Post-production is centralised in Filmatography’s European headquarters in London to maintain the highest standards of quality control, where sheer excellence is achieved by specialists working on each stage of the creative process. Comparable setups are only seen in mainstream cinema and television production. These dedicated experts include concept artists, script writers, film editors, vfx artists, colour-graders, music composers, photo editors, touch-up artists and designers, all seamlessly managed by efficient workflows implemented by passionate studio coordinators. As a team, perfection binds every process.

Filmatography's Dubai Cinema Studio is a world first, combining contemporary design, state of the art technology and ground breaking innovation. The new Middle East headquarters offers an entertainment experience never encountered before, redefining how photography and filming can be enjoyed with the creation of a private screening theatre for follow-up social events, particularly popular for female-only occasions. Each and every component of the cinema bares the THX® mark, a benchmark set by George Lucas the creator of Star Wars, adopted by all major manufacturers in recognition of highest quality standards for audio visual equipment.

Supported by award winning all female production and post production teams, Filmatography has become the definitive choice for the most discerning of brides across the Middle East, enjoying the highest production standards and a truly luxury entertainment experience.

The opening of Filmatography's Dubai Cinema Studio set's the benchmark for the company's global expansion plans with two further studios planned for Miami and Hong Kong, servicing the Americas and the Far East. These regional headquarters will provide, as Dubai now delivers, incredible client entertainment, five star service support for media acquisition and delivery, training academies for its creative teams in addition to beautiful infinity studios for photography and filming. With coverage now offered across 4 major international regions Filmatography is truly commanding a global stage, delivering world-class products and services, worldwide.



The core value of Filmatography's photographers is to capture beautiful moments and details with artistic composition, telling a deeper story in every frame. Its the creative depth in every picture which differentiates the studio's work, capturing photos full of emotion and making each an art form.

To support the acclaimed work of the photography field teams, state off the art post-production, centralised in London, realises the full potential of the captured images adding heightened layers of creativity. Returning to the days of hand printing, each and every image is individually adjusted by skilled technicians to ensure each image that reaches the final album is worthy of gallery presentation. Advanced retouching leaves pictures looking entirely natural, simply enhancing their beauty and realising their full artistic potential. With dedicated technicians, post-production is entirely bespoke to accommodate stylistic requests and personal tastes.

To complete the service, Filmatography offers an exquisite range of photo albums each fully customisable. For the most discerning of tastes a Designer Range upgrade is available, utilising the services of Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England's bookbinder, carrying the stamp of the Royal Warrant of Windsor.


Where each and every frame is composed as if to be a perfect photograph, Filmatography's film coverage is truly cinematic with beautiful aesthetics. Working in small, highly skilled teams, coverage produced is entirely natural to realise the true beauty of each moment with limited presence felt in its capture.

Great film-making takes planning and it is Filmatography's unique experience and vision that sets the studio apart in its ability to realise world-class cinema on demand. Masters of advanced fly-through, aerial and other specialist equipment brings a Hollywood feeling to each and every production, captured though with absolute stealth.

Replicating quality standards of international cinema, everything is edited and colour graded by expert technicians in Filmatography's European headquarters in London. Well known for its talent pool of the world's best creatives in post-production of the world, where many of the world's greatest cinema films are mastered, quality standards set by the studio are exceptional.

To complete the cinema experience for Filmatography's clients, it offers its own screening theatre in Dubai, the Bvlgari Hotel's private cinema in Knightsbridge London, and in the future further offerings in Miami and Hong Kong for social follow-up events.


Filmatography commands incredible experience when it comes to live production, working on many state Royal occasions and high profile celebrity events. The studio has worked for a multitude of Royal families across the Middle East in addition to: the House of Windsor at various charity events, Jennifer Lopez at the Meydan World Cup, Elton John at St Catherine's Palace in St Petersburg Russia, Lenny Kravitz at Hotel Hermitage in Monaco, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ben Kingsley both at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai and many more.

To deliver exceptional live broadcast coverage, which is shown on screens at the venue, online or on television, a highly trained team of expert professionals and pre-planned execution is required to achieve outstanding results under high pressure conditions. To ensure complete privacy and a perfect operating environment, OB Vans are used for larger productions, allowing the direction and management of a multitude of video sources for the very best coverage. All-female teams are available for culturally respected occasions as standard.

Filmatography draws on all its storytelling and cinema expertise to achieve broadcast coverage that is second to none, trusted by many celebrity and elite royal clientele across the world.