The recent launch of the fine jewellery brand Iris Alexander was something to behold indeed. As most of us sat around our home decorations in humble festive spirit, the jewels glistened at The Ritz besides their 25ft Christmas tree. 

The well-known London hotel hosted the event in their luxurious William Kent room. Every staircase was lit and every surface celebrated in decorative jubilant form. 

The launch party was adorned with some of the most impressive diamonds, sprinkled opulently between the Iris Alexander designs, showing off their flare for premium quality. Style icon Olivia Palermo amongst other fashion-forward women attended the illustrious event, truly making this a show of taste and poise. 

With an atmosphere full of festive cheer as an electric violinist played for the guests, The Ritz was most definitely in it's element. Warm rich colours of fabric swam around the space; people were dipping in and out of the golden lighting that bathed the room. As the evening unfolded the crowds began to swell and glasses were chinked in admiration of the artistry. Our CEO Peter Rear captured these quite magical moments.

Pairing precious gems with striking designs, Iris Alexander stands out as an exquisitely modern company. Masters of their craft, you'll see intricate placement of the finest diamonds. When considering this new brand, what must be mentioned most of all is how Iris Alexander celebrates feminine style and elegance. Iris beautifully describes her designs having “the ability to captivate and seduce you with the strength, the beauty and the brilliance”, matching “the power of feminine form.”

If you are looking for something glamorous and ornate, yet undeniably tasteful, you have found your jeweller.