Situated amongst the beautiful Luberon Mountains, Gordes is one of the most sought after places to visit in the region of Provence. Home to an impressive medieval castle and the Saint-Fermin church, this idyllic spot is steeped in history with palpable tales of peasantry to sixteenth century nobility. You can amble the cobbled stones and gently brush your hands along the old dry walls whilst taking in captivating views. 

This location is so enchanting in fact; it is well known to be the favourite escape for many artists seeking a spot for inspiration, since the end of the war. This authentic town retains all of its original charm whilst bustling with art galleries and cultural bites to partake in. With a Mediterranean climate, the summers are dry and warm and the air is filled with the many flavours of the surroundings, including the prolific lavender plant. 

Last July, during a three-day celebration planned by Sarah Haywood , Gabrielle Thompson and Mohammed Zaal entertained their wedding guests with a welcome dinner. Set in the venue La Bastide de Gordes, the spectacular feast was something of an ancient style banquet. Traditional cypress trees spread around the stone building, planted for protection from the winds that whip through in the cooler seasons. The chairs and tables lined the front of the building, allowing the guests to absorb the sensational surrounding views. 

The long table was laden with native plants and candles, the golden evening sun reflected in all the glasses, giving this both a sense of finery and true rustic appeal.

Stunning setup by Sarah Haywood enhancing the beautiful Provence

The music of The Gypsy Queens filled the air during dinner as they played around the guests.

Gypsy Queens

The night was filled with excitement and delicious anticipation as the dinner unfolded, realising what wonders were in store for the lovely couple and their friends in this tranquil setting.