To celebrate the 15th year of Filmatography's business operations, the studio is delighted to announce the release of a new range of products and services under the the title "The Legacy Collection".  Legacy embodies the core value of Filmatography's creative team to capture timeless memories that can be passed on and remembered for generations to come. Legacy Albums stands proudly alongside Legacy Photography and Legacy Films in our exciting new spectrum of luxury services.

As the epitome of elegance, history and indulgence, our new collection of luxurious photography albums symbolise everything that we strive for as a company, giving you only the best services and most impressive, innovative creations. You, as a client, will receive a photo album like no other – a wholly personalised masterpiece that will be held in your family as a treasured heirloom for years to come. Through a well thought out process of production and personal design, each album will take on an individual character and tell its own story.

World-class Post-production Services

At the beginning of the enchanting album process, you will receive your own dedicated production team, formulated of a retoucher and an editor. This is where the consultation process begins, as you begin to grasp your visions and create stylistic enhancements that are personal to you. 

Your Photographs

Your photographs will receive divine care from the production team, including colour correction and expressive adaptations to ensure that the photos are of the highest quality for your bespoke album. Whether your photos are from many years ago, from a few days ago, taken by your family or taken by Filmatography, we can give them a home for a lifetime that will hold them as the valuable treasure they are.

The Design Process

All of the design behind your beautiful album comes from you, making it completely unique and desirable. To embark upon the Legacy Album's captivating design process, you must first choose a format to be the foundation of your memories. The combination of the material, colour and front panel layout is essential, including the linings, bindings, papers and block. 

Matted Albums feature photographs that sit recessed into the page and are surrounded on all sides by a thick matte paper, similar to a printed photograph in a matted frame.They demonstrate a classic elegance with meticulous attention to fine detail. The matte paper has a distinct texture and weight, making the album both a visual and a tactile keepsake. The albums only hold a few images per page, allowing you to take your time to appreciate each photograph individually.

The Creative Stage

Creativity is the heart and soul of the Legacy Album. It is the part of process where you will see your album come to life and gain its impeccable personality. The design concepts behind your album will be inspired by the luxury brands featured in your photographs, such as the divine couture you wore on your special day, your mesmerising jewels or your timeless shoes. Creative possibilities are limitless when it comes to creating a fashion-led family legacy to cherish for years to come.

The Design Consultation

Your design consultation will take place in the main fashion haute couture house that resonates with your memories and inspired your album – from London to Paris, Milan to New York. Here you will work hand in hand with fashion designers on the pre-production and development of your ideas. You will get the chance to see samples and choose the materials for your luxury memento, making it an unforgettable experience.

The Quality

To ensure to highest level of quality is reached, Filmatography have partnered with Blissetts, Queen Elizabeth’s bookmaker, to produce the finest albums ever made. The new Legacy Albums will carry the royal warrant, a seal of approval from the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh or Prince Charles that states a company has been doing business with the Royal Household for at least five years. Legacy is an album born of royalty. 

The Features

The magnificent album will radiate with its exquisite detailing and features such as a 24 carat gold side foiling with name detailing, motifs, debossing and fine artist-led custom calligraphy, all finished off with a touch of jewellery decoration chosen by you. Your album will have a translucent grand entrance page where you will find a one-of-a-kind fashion house sketch design before leading into your stunning photography.

The Presentation

No album would be complete without a bespoke hard-casing presentation box to keep the heirloom safe. The box will be complete with secure comfort padding with materials and colours of your choice on the interior to give it an indulgent touch. On the exterior, the personalised name detailing and decoration adds allure to the overall air of the album.

The Legacy Album is the perfect way to tell your story. With that, Filmatography invites you to indulge in what is precious to you.