Combining contemporary design, state of the art technology and groundbreaking innovation, Filmatography’s new Middle East headquarters offers an entertainment experience never encountered before. For private screenings the studio offers the ultimate space to entertain guests in, for commercial interests an amazing location to promote a brand or product. The whole studio is also available for exclusive private hire.

Where a shade of colour can be chosen for the perfect light ambience, where the doors do not open but slide into walls, where presentations can be instantly broadcasted online to awaiting audiences, and perfect daylight balanced lights shine out of mirrors, where motorised curtains instantly black out light for creative studio shooting or allow you to open your own private cinema premiere.

Our Dubai Cinema studio is a brandable location available for all forms of content creation, media presentations and private entertainment. On arrival guests are transported into a personalised world of ambiance and style. Welcomed by Filmatography’s first class service personnel, The Dubai Cinema Studio, is a venue of distinction.

Dubai Cinema Studio - Aerial View

The Reception

The first step inside the Dubai Cinema Studio is nothing short of breathtaking. Black reflective flooring adorns high gloss black furniture, levitated by ambient under lighting. Undulating walls cladded with black suede frame eleven ultra high definition screens in a stunning panoramic display. Animation services are available to create bespoke branded content or compile supplied media to create a truly unique greeting experience for guests.

Dubai Cinema Studio - The Reception

The Corridor

The artery of the studio transports you to its many wonders. Floor to ceiling black reflective glass compliment the subtle tones of ambient lighting, guiding you into an immersive world of decadent modernism. Hidden behind an array of sliding doors that elegantly glide from within the walls, exciting mysteries await.

Dubai Cinema Studio - The Corridor

The Control Room

Our control room is a beautiful white space of brilliance, concealing a wonder of technology. Wireless transmission services linked to the studio are available to immediately review high quality captured media on Apple workstations. Production specialists are at hand to provide instant feedback and expert creative direction, to realise extraordinary results from live shoots. A second wired transmission service linked to the Cinema is available for live broadcast delivery of presentations. Remote controlled Ultra High Definition (4K) cameras provide multi-angle coverage, which is live edited and streamed online, in real time.

Dubai Cinema Studio - The Control Room

The Consultation Room

A continuation of reflective styling extends throughout this beautiful interior. Flooded by natural light, the room enjoys iconic views of Downtown Dubai. A wall-length sofa provides spacious comfort for a large number of seated guests. Adjoined angulated table designs echo the studio’s contemporary striking aesthetics. Stunning backlit displays with pin pointed LEDs, set the perfect backdrop for luxurious designer products.

Dubai Cinema Studio - The Consultation Room

The Dressing Room

Benefitting from two very spacious private dressing areas and a lavish hair & makeup workstation, this is luxury studio support. Daylight balanced natural lighting ensures a precise working environment for beauty requirements. Extensive mirror displays, cover the walls in their entirety, lined with LED strip panels to create a glowing ambience, This hugely inviting space is a wonder in itself but also the entry point for the photo & film studio.

Dubai Cinema Studio - The Dressing Room

The Photo and Film Studio

A magnificent infinity-cove, sweeping back­drop provides a seamless shooting setting. Flooded with natural light on two full-length walls, the space also features a motorized, total blackout curtain for complete creative lighting control. Suspended from the ceiling, an incredible eleven unit Kinoflo DMX lighting system provides sophisticated continuous lighting options. Colour temperature and luminance adjustments can be made via a centralised command deck, providing a multitude of creative setups for both photographers and cinematographers. With a luxurious 50 square meters to work with, the space offers maximum creative freedom.

Dubai Cinema Studio - The Photo & Film Studio

The Cinema

THX® is a quality benchmark set by George Lucas the creator of Star Wars, adopted by all major manufacturers, setting the highest quality standard for audio visual equipment. Each and every component of the cinema bares this mark.

The cinema holds THX® certified surround sound speakers and THX® certified cinema pre and power amplifiers to deliver an incredible sound experience as well as THX® certified Ultra High Definition (4k) projector to deliver utterly mesmerising picture quality on a huge 4 meter screen. The cinema has 36 seats with unrestricted viewpoints for brand presentations and private screenings in an immersive experience of luxury.

Dubai Cinema Studio - The Cinema

We invite you into our world of luxury film, offering you the chance to be a part of a luxury immersive service within our new Dubai Cinema Studio.

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