Grace Ormonde is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, a luxury wedding planning publication with a focus on fashion, jewellery, décor and travel. She is also the author of Being in Love Never Goes Out of Style: Grace Ormonde Weddings and a guest speaker at wedding industry events.

In 1988 Grace created a luxury bridal exhibition in Providence, RI that became known for its extraordinary, high-end fashion shows. She thought it would be a one-time event, but ten years and ten shows later in 1998 she launched Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine as a local New England resource and in 2003 took her magazine on a national level. The national and international expansion was a natural step for the growing publication, allowing it to broaden the reach of its editorial content. In its pages, she brought together brides drawn to her suggestions and the work of wedding professionals who have a unique sense for aesthetics and style.

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style has taken Grace on photo shoots to the most luxurious venues and resorts around the world allowing her to work with the most talented designers in their respective fields. Through numerous speaking engagements, magazine and book signings, she delivers her message of creativity and style to business professionals and prospective brides."I want to give women a lot of choices- not tell them how to do things, but to give them the knowledge and inspiration they need along with the best resources, worldwide, to have their wedding be all they have imagined it to be."

After ten years of documenting extraordinary weddings and their elements in her magazine, she decided to make a collection of her personal favourites and present it in one comprehensive volume in her hard-cover book.

Her motivation has always been to offer women ideas and choices for planning their wedding, to empower them to explore unconventional options that would allow their vision for their wedding day to come to life. While her intention is to inspire brides, her magazine, book and now redesigned website also honors all the creative artists who conceive the content she curates and all the talented photographers who capture it.

Grace Ormonde has consistently made creativity and innovation hallmarks of her enterprises. In her own words, “I am passionate about what I do and I find fulfilment contributing to the realisation of dreams, especially when those dreams manifest love between two people. Ultimately, our ability to dream is what motivates us, and our ability to love is what sustains us.

Being in Love never goes out of style ~ Grace Ormonde