"The most beautiful shop in the world . . ." - that is how Esquire magazine described the wood-paneled splendour of the London premises of John Lobb, Bootmaker. Lastmaker In the shadow of the great gate-tower of St. James's Palace, built by Henry VIII, and echoing to the stamping feet of bear-skinned guardsmen, St. James's Street has been traditionally the home of coffee houses, gentlemen's clubs and elegant outfitters; a mecca for the noble and the fashionable for centuries.

Here, where once aristocrats won and lost fortunes on the turn of a card; where Lady Caroline Lamb and Lord Byron scandalized London; and where Beau Brummell turned dress into haute couture, it is still possible to find a firm where boots and shoes are made by hand to the exacting standards of the ancient craft. The current Lobb premises at number 9 is on the very spot once occupied by Lord Byron's bachelor establishment.

The firm today proudly Lastmaker holds two Royal Warrants to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. These have always been recognition of personal service of a high order.