Highlights from a diverse portfolio of Architecture & Interiors photography shot exclusively by Filmatography's signature photographer Marcus.

Architecture serves as Marcus’ inspiration. It’s compatible with the way that he views the world and how he responds to it through the camera. He’s a perfectionist at heart which is fundamental to his photography; both in the observation of light and form, as well as composition.

Derived from personal intrigue, Marcus takes a more investigative approach. He strives to go beyond the ordinary to photograph the extraordinary and enjoys creating a blur between the real and the surreal. He loves abstraction.

Marcus is a purist when it comes to the treatment of his photographs and how he represents each subject, always aiming to preserve authenticity. Ultimately, Marcus creates visual stories which serve as a legacy to his clients.

He photographs for a diverse range of clients, including architects, interior designers, artists, design companies, PR companies, fashion houses, advertising agencies, hotel groups and publishers.

There are many inspirators to Marcus’ photography including architects, interior designers and other photographers and lens-based artists that he has been fortunate to meet over the years – namely Heather Angel, Robin Dance and Tim Flach.

He shoots on the 5DS, Canon’s highest resolution DSLR, which offers astounding detail and the ability to crop in order to achieve his pre-visualisation without compromising quality. Lenses include the Canon tilt and shift range: 17mm, 24mm, 45mm and 90mm, to reproduce perfect parallelism.

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