Cited as a “Digital Pioneer” in the December edition of Professional Photographer Magazine 2003, Peter was at the forefront of the digital revolution. His pioneering work continued in 2009 with his creation of a unique style of coverage called Filmatography (TM), blending the mediums of photography and filming together. Peter was found amongst several industry greats on the judging panel for the Photographer of the Year Awards 2009 and in 2010 gave a keynote speech at ProVideo (Ricoh Arena) on DSLR filmmaking and the convergence of the photography and film industry. In 2013 Filmatography won the award for "Best Cinematographer of the Year" for Dubai by the international panel of Wedding Industry Experts.

Filmatography is the premier production studio of London and Dubai, providing services for clients across the UK, the UAE and the world. Innovation is a core ethos, utilising the latest in technology and equipment to constantly push the boundaries of excellence and creativity.